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Sun Power Construction is a contractor, installer and integrator of solar energy solutions for residential and commercial installations. Founded in 1998.

We are a solar contractor based out of Lake Tahoe, California serving the surrounding area and beyond. Sun Power Construction integrates green energy components from leading solar manufacturers including Heliodyne, Goldline, Sun Earth, Kyocera, SMA and UniRac into simple solar energy solutions for our customers that generate clean, reliable energy and solar heating for decades.

Our mission is to provide you sustainable, world class, clean energy products with quality service and expert craftsmanship.


Solar Hot Water (Solar Thermal)

Reliable solar hot water systems are a clean, sustainable energy solution which will reduce your energy use and provide independence from traditional heating sources. Domestic hot water use is the second highest energy cost in many households. A solar hot water production system can provide enough energy to meet 70% of your hot water needs, even in cold climates. In addition to saving money, Sun Power Construction's solar solutions also reduce your reliance on imported fossil fuels and electricity, therefore helping to beat climate change.

"I wanted to let you know that my solar pool heating is going very well. I have saved a bundle of cash by not using the propane heat. In fact the propane distributor was wondering why he has not had to deliver very often".

Donovan Otto,
Bishop California, Solar Pool





Solar Electrical (Photovoltaics)

Product advances in solar electricity and utility rules now make generating clean solar power a simple, affordable reality. Our solar solutions deliver silent and effortless electricity while reducing dependence on other forms of electricity. Find out how to get solar power in your state. Generate a portion or all of your electricity with solar power, TODAY!




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