Sun Power Construction

P.O. Box # 101, Truckee, CA 96160
Tel: 530-550-0770

California State License Number 759837 C-46

We are a licensed solar and general building contractor.
You can visit the State Contractors board website,

Sun Power Construction is a California State Licensed solar contractor. We specialize in the design, sales and installation of solar electric power systems, solar domestic hot water, solar pool heating, solar home heating and solar panel repair, cleaning and maintenance. Sun Power Construction provides quality installation and reliable service for all solar applications throughout California. Sun Power Construction's focus is reliability, technical excellence and superior customer service. Sun Power Construction specializes in remote location residential and commercial solar energy needs.

Every day massive amounts of energy blanket our planet as it is released from the sun. Sun Power Construction is committed to helping you collect your share of this free and virtually unlimited source of power.

Collecting energy from the sun has been our business for over 20 years. Let us show you how you can harness this ecologically sound, environmentally friendly bounty of energy to power your home, business or institution. The technology is here and the incentives are clear. By cutting down on your use of old tech fossil fuel you will be: helping your bottom line, helping the environment and the planet, by reducing your carbon emissions.

There are many government solar rebate's and solar tax incentive programs available to help you make the switch, just call us we'll be happy to discuss what's available.Our team of experts and licensed professional craftsmen are ready to help you tap into this renewable resource. Please take a moment to explore the many options we offer you.

Our Solar Energy Services

  Design and Installation of Solar Electric (Photovoltaic) Power Systems  
  Design and Installation of Solar Domestic Hot Water Systems  
  Solar Pool Heating  
  Solar Home Heating  
  Solar Panel Maintenance and Repair  
Certified Helio-Partner: This company specializes in the sales and installation of Heliodyne brand products. They have exceeded normal qualifications and expectations of being a standard dealer by undergoing special training and certification which allows them to be solar experts with regard to Heliodyne products.





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