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Sun Power Construction is a recommenced installer from several leading solar component manufactures. One of the reasons for this is that we have many years of experience in the design and installation of solar energy systems for homes and business, and many satisfied customers. Here are some shots of some of our recent solar thermal and solar electrical construction projects. We are dedicated to the highest quality standards and craftsmanship on all our solar energy projects.





Fallon Pool

48 4x10 Heliodyne solar collectors, Solar Heating indoor Olympic size pool for the Fallon Nevda communtiy pool



8 4x10 Hleidyne solar collectors heating a indoor residental pool.



Installing 4x8 Heliodyne solar collectors for Domestic Hot water System, Historic home downtown, East River Street Truckee CA . This sytem provides 87% solar contribution to hot water demand










Lost Library

Martis Camp Truckee california. 1KW solar grid tie sytem for thecommuntiy library at Martis Camp

  Meeks Bay Lake Tahoe California combined solar heating and solar grid tie system  
  2kw solar grid tie system Martis Camp truckee California


  Installed solar panels  

Heliodyne panels for combined solar heating and domestic hot water Lake tahoe CA, This system contributes up to 80% domestic hot water and 30%-50% 0f Radiant floor heating load



6kw solar grid tie system for 14,000 sq ft Home in Martis Camp Truckee California











120 gallon storage tank with Helio pak transfer applince installed




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