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Photovoltaic modules (solar panels) convert sunlight into electricity. Wire conducts the electricity where it is stored until needed. On the way to the batteries, the electrical current passes through the controller (regulator) which will shut off the flow when the batteries become full.

For some appliances, electricity can be used directly from the batteries. This is "direct current" and it powers "DC" appliances such as car headlights, flash lights, portable radios, etc. To run most appliances found in the home, however, we need it to use "alternating current" or "AC", the type which is found in wall sockets. This we can produce utilizing an inverter which transforms DC electricity from the batteries into AC. The inverter's Ac output powers the circuit breaker box and the common outlets in your home.

Remote Location Schematic

Photovoltaic remote location shcematic

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Remote Genverter Schematic

photovoltaic remote genverter shcematic

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