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Let Sun Power Construction get you off the grid by installing the ultimate green energy solution, self-sufficient Photovoltaic Panels. The new higher efficiency solar panels manufactured today allow you to create your own electricity from where ever there is sun light. A solar electrical system does not generate greenhouse gasses when it is in operation. Photovoltaic home energy systems are a smart and affordable choice for new home construction and even a good choice for existing homes with high energy demands.  

Sun Power Construction has been a Lake Tahoe leader in the installation of residential photovoltaic systems. Our team of experts will install state of the art PV panels and Genverters calibrated to meet your home's specific electrical requirements.

We can install a grid tie system which ties you into the local power grid and generates enough power to zero out your utility bill, or, we can install a stand-alone, self-sufficient photovoltaic system that takes you off the grid completely. You will be generating all your electrical power needs.

Sun Power Construction has installed many electric solar panel systems throughout Lake Tahoe and California. With today's ever increasing energy costs and environmental concerns you will have peace of mind knowing that your home is powered by a stable reliable source of clean energy - the Sun.

If you're interested in seeing what a home solar electrical system may cost please visit our solar estimator page.



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