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As a Lake Tahoe and Reno area premier solar panel installer for solar hot water systems, Sun Power Construction has years of experience and many satisfied customers. We are California's specialist in solar panel installation, solar panel maintenance and solar panel repair. For new construction, we work with the builder to design a solar hot water system that is an integrated part of the construction. If you want to add a solar hot water system to your existing home be confident that we use only the finest solar heating components, materials and installation methods for high quality, efficient solar hot water systems. Solar Thermal heating is a great choice for green energy efficiency.


Sun Power Construction has years of experience necessary for proper installation of solar hot water systems for the special conditions and requirements of solar systems in the Lake Tahoe area and surrounding region.




HELIO-PAK Pro: Closed loop heat-transfer appliance



The Helio-Pak (HPAK) is an all-in-one heat-transfer assembly, specifically designed to simplify solar hot water systems and provide maximum heat transfer that is sixteen times faster than other heat transfer appliance on the market. The HPAK comes factory assembled and wired with all necessary components, making installation a trouble-free experience. Because the HPAK utilizes an external heat exchanger, it can often be adapted to the pre-existing hot water tank, reducing costs.

Standard Features:

•Augmented heat exchanger surface promotes maximum heat generation
•Superior heat transfer via unique counter-flow design
•No new tank needed – mounts to existing tank
•Simple plug & play installation
•Viewable heat exchanger leak detection
•Several sizes available for differing loads

The Helio-Pak Pro (with pre-installed Delta-T Pro controller and Wi-Fi capabilities) further enhances the residential solar hot water system, with the addition of user-friendly customizable settings, remote navigation, and expanded system performance data.

Pro Features:

•Remote Wi-Fi system navigation
•BTU metering
•Stored energy data (BTU, °F, GPM)
•Adjustable user settings
•Vacation mode


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